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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered here, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Book Translation FAQs

Questions specific to translation of our books.

Can you translate my book into French and German?

Yes, Lily translates covers all major languages.

Do you provide Welsh translation services?

Yes, our Welsh translation services are extremely popular. Lily Translates is an award winning translation firm which covers all major languages!

I’m interested in making a dual language book, can you help with this?

Absolutely, dual language children’s books are essential for bilingual families and language learning. We always offer guidance on the best approach for any translation, this the option of utilising translations to create a dual language books. For more information, feel free to email us or book a free initial consultation.

Can you adapt stories for a different age group?

Yes, often classic stories have been recreated to better fit an older or younger target audience. We can recreate your title for a different target audience in the same language (intra-linguistically) or into another language

How much will it cost to translate my children’s book?

Prices vary per title and depend on the languages required, word count and subject matter. For an accurate quote, please email us a digital copy of your title/manuscript to


Please remember to include in the email, your desired languages you wish to translate your book into together with the word count of your book including the front, back and inside covers.

Do you translate manuscripts?

Yes, we translated unpublished manuscripts and published works.

Can you translate from Spanish into English?

Yes, we have an extensive team of highly qualified translation experts. With our full book translation packages, we translate from and to any language required.

How long will it take to have my book translated?

Depending on the word count, your official translation of your children’s title will be ready within 5-10 working days since starting your translation project.

Can you translate websites and promotional marketing materials for my books?

Yes! Our dedicated Marketing Translation department can translate your website, digital content, social media posts and any promotional materials which will help you launch your translated title.

Do you work with publishing houses?

We love to support all types of publishing house, we can even support them with providing in-house translation services. To discuss this further, please contact us to book a meeting.

How do I publish my translated title?

Every translated language version of you title will require a separate ISBN number. Should you need assistance, we can provide you with an ISBN number and publishing services at an addition fee. Please get in contact for more information.

FAQs about our books

My child is having problems accepting her natural Afro hair, do you have books to help with this?

Your Hair is Your Crown” is a delightful story all about celebrating your individuality and natural features, told through a young girl’s acceptance of her natural Afro Hair. This book was written so every child can be proud of their Afro and ever feature which makes them unique.

Do you sell diverse and inclusive children’s books?

Our Director Jessica Dunrod is an award winning Welsh writer, her diverse and inclusive children’s books are extremely popular in Wales. You can order diverse and inclusive children’s books in our bookshop! 

Are you books available in Welsh?

Yes, both “Your Hair is Your Crown” and “Outstanding” are available in the Welsh language, their titles in Welsh are “Dy Wallt Yw Dy Goron” and “Arbennig”.


Our titles will soon be released in further languages including Spanish, French, German and Hebrew.

Do you do author visits to schools and libraries?

Yes, our author visits come in a package which includes access to our story time video, an in-person visit from the author Jessica Dunrod, plus extra learning resources and free copies for the class.

How do I book an author visit?

To request an author visit in Wales or the UK, please send us an email with your preferred dates and times. 

Learn more or book directly by clicking this link

For events and author visits outside of the UK, please email us directly to request availability.

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