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Translations and audiobooks

just for kids!

Metaphors, alliteration, puns, phonetics… Lily Translates understands that your book is more than just the words on the page, which is why we ensure that the very heart and soul of your children’s book will never get lost in translation.

Our specialised children’s book translation service also includes unlimited consultations with the translation team, proofreading, editing, and a cultural & localisation illustration analysis during the quality assurance stage. Prices based on the books’ age group with the word count considered.

Our Services

Children’s book translation

Covering all major languages!


After we have created the ultimate translation, let the power of audiobooks send your story around the world!


You will be blown away by our illustrators’ portfolio!

Marketing translation

For your book’s website and promotional content.

Legalol translation

Sworn and certified translations of legal documents.

Are you looking to acquire books from other languages?

Our international market research team is here to help!

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