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Translating representation into Welsh literature

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In response to the severe lack of representation in British and Welsh literature, Lily Translates has proposed a short-term solution which aims to directly resolve such problems and immediately begin to diversify Welsh literature, while we wait for more Black Welsh authors and other marginalised Welsh writers to emerge. In collaboration with Mudiad Meithrin, the Lily Translates AwDuron Fund has been set up to support Black British children’s authors, BAME and other underrepresented writers to establish their books as Welsh literature by translating into the Welsh language.

In what is considered to be, the greatest effort to diversify Welsh literature to date, funds raised will help fully cover the Welsh translation fee and partly contributes printing costs.  The Lily Translates AwDuron Fund aims to bring to the market, 10 new, Welsh language children’s books written by underrepresented authors, by Christmas!

If you would like to support, please click on this link to make a donation - thank you very much!

AwDuron Fund

How to apply for a FREE Welsh Translation.

If you are a Black British, BAME or underrepresented Children's author, we would love for you to apply for the Lily Translates AwDuron Fund ! 

Access a free, specialised, Welsh translation of your wonderful children's book. Authors also benefit from extra support & bonuses thanks to our generous collaborators and supporters which include Mudiad Meithrin and I'm Representing IECC.

To apply, please send us a digital copy of your children's book with a your author bio and manuscript to:

Deadline: 5pm, 21st September 2021

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